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  3. Intrepid-Gaming History

    Intrepid-Gaming, originally had its roots with the Tiger Clan Role-Playing community on Half Life 2 Deathmatch. In 2010 The Tiger Clan’s owner Tiger, began having difficulty balancing his personal life with his community. Eventually stepping down and naming Rowe as the Owner. Rowe with the help of Johnny Biscuit (then known as XxBlink7) began reforming the Tiger Clan. Adding a system of rules and a core of values. The first three years were successful, the community prospered as it never had before the dark summer. The summer of 2013 otherwise known as the Black Summer is when the community began to experience major issues. First the server went down for maintenance for what was supposed to be. An hour and quickly turned into days. The population never recovered from those few days and when the server was back, it was beginning to show signs of a waivering player base. The donations stopped coming in, the players slowly stopped coming, Rowe and Johnny Biscuit frantically worked around the clock for two months to try and restore what had taken almost four years to build. Finally on August, 28th 2013 The Tiger Clan closed its doors. Now for the next 4 and a half years Johnny Biscuit and Rowe would discuss restarting their community but could never find a game that they believed or people to help run the community. Until February of 2018 when Rowe, JohnnyBiscuit, CyberThug, and HardNougat came together and formed Intrepid-Gaming. The community officially launched on April, 1st 2018.
  4. COMMUNITY CODE OF CONDUCT: 1. We do not tolerate any type of discrimination. Whether it be based upon race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, etc. 2. Profanity is not against the rules, however excessive swearing or intense swearing directed at another player is not acceptable. 3. Hacking, cheating, glitching, utilizing any aspect of a game that it is not intended for to give you an advantage is not allowed. 4. Chat, avatars, images posted on the forums, in teamspeak, discord, or in game i.e. Sprays must not contain nudity or violate any other community guidelines. 5. In game the Highest ranking admin on the server has the final say. 6. Do not argue a admin ruling in game, visit our forums to make a contest. 7. Do not be disrespectful to other players. 8. Do not disrespect our admins. We are here to improve your gaming experience, this is our house. Respect it. 9. Do not spam chat (text or voice) Do not room hop excessively in Team Speak, do not spam the forums. 10. If you are banned you may contest your ban on our forums. If you are caught using another account to circumvent the ban, it will be banned permanently and your original account will remain permenently banned, even if it was only a temporary ban. 11. DO NOT Recruit for other communities on Intrepid Gaming Servers. This includes the TeamSpeak, servers, discord, in game, and on the website.
  5. Please Copy, Paste, and complete the following application template when submitting your application. MAke sure to title your post in this format. Username, Application First Name. Age. Steam ID. Forum User Name. In Game Name. Game you are applying for. Have you ever server in your nations Armed Forces, or as a Police Officer Fire Fighter or EMT/Paramedic. Please specify which. Have you read and do you agree to follow our rules as outlined in the Intrepid-Gaming Code of Conduct.
  6. Your steam names

    Hi Mars! My steam name is HardNougat. At the moment, we are exclusively playing on FiveM/GTAV but we hope to expand in the future.
  7. Your steam names

    what's your steam name and what games do you play? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971620876/ PUBG, CSGO, Warframe, World of Warships
  8. Intrepid Gaming

    I know the person who has created this community, it may be small but with him, it will be huge. I'm excited
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