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Community Code of Conduct

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1. We do not tolerate any type of discrimination. Whether it be based upon race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, etc.

2. Profanity is not against the rules, however excessive swearing or intense swearing directed at another player is not acceptable.

3. Hacking, cheating, glitching, utilizing any aspect of a game that it is not intended for to give you an advantage is not allowed.

4. Chat, avatars, images posted on the forums, in teamspeak, discord, or in game i.e. Sprays must not contain nudity or violate any other community guidelines.

5. In game the Highest ranking admin on the server has the final say.

6. Do not argue a admin ruling in game, visit our forums to make a contest.

7. Do not be disrespectful to other players.

8. Do not disrespect our admins. We are here to improve your gaming experience, this is our house. Respect it.

9. Do not spam chat (text or voice) Do not room hop excessively in Team Speak, do not spam the forums.

10. If you are banned you may contest your ban on our forums. If you are caught using another account to circumvent the ban, it will be banned permanently and your original 
account will remain permenently banned, even if it was only a temporary ban.

11. DO NOT Recruit for other communities on Intrepid Gaming Servers. This includes the TeamSpeak, servers, discord, in game, and on the website.

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